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Clinical research, reports and reviews of Seigen.

What is Seigen?

Seigen is much more than a prebiotic, probiotic or even a symbiotic. Seigen is a lactobacillus fermented extract, a metabolite micro-nutrient complex based on an entirely new evolution of nutritional science called "biofermentic" (bio meaning life and fermentic meaning to ferment) or life's ferment. Seigen is a product developed out of balanced microbial ecology.

Seigen is the only biofermentic and is one of the most advanced microbiological health developments in the world today because it focuses on benefiting the terrain of the intestinal environment, which is the key to health.

Seigen is:

  • a lactobacillus fermented extract . . . a biofermentic
  • a nutraceutical produced by a symbiotic culturing method
  • focused on the micro-nutrient level of health, energy & longevity
  • a paradigm shift in understanding of the role of intestinal flora
  • the ultimate all-natural health & longevity super supplement
  • an entirely new, ground-breaking concept in health enhancement

Seigen is not:

  • a prebiotic
  • a probiotic
  • an antibiotic
  • a prescription drug
  • a pharmaceutical

How Seigen works:

  • it detoxifes and cleanses the body internally
  • it enhances digestion and nutritional absorption
  • it renovates and regulates the intestinal microflora
  • it delivers advanced probiotic metabolite micronutrients to intestinal tract
  • it prepares the intestinal ecosystem to increase beneficial bacteria

Remarkable benefits of Seigen:

  • multiplies beneficial bacteria upon which life depends
  • improves functionality of digestive system and absorption process
  • detoxifies and nourishes cells, tissues and organs
  • strengthens immune system and the immune system response
  • delivers energizing power to the very core of physical life
  • revitalizes all body systems like no other dietary supplement
  • reduces stress effect, improves mood, restful sleep, energy and stamina
  • retards the aging process