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Seigen can help reduce toxins in your body. Here's how!

Health begins and ends in the digestive tract.

The human body is a miraculous set of elaborate systems that we may never fully understand. The intestinal microflora (more commonly known by scientists as the microbiota - tiny living things or bacteria) in the gastrointestinal system is crucial to human health. Intestinal microflora comprises approximately 100 trillion bacterial cells and has its own separate and distinct metabolism.

Our intestinal microflora has many important functions, but its most important purpose is to protect us against invasion by a world of unfriendly bacteria. This process starts at the beginning of the GI system, our mouth, and ends about 24 feet later at our anus. Healthy intestinal microflora has a unique and distinct beneficial function called colonization resistance, which discourages the colonization of health challenging organisms. This prevents a build-up of toxicity.

If the relationships are disturbed and non beneficial bacteria become predominant, the consequences may be serious. The increase in production of putrefaction can cause toxins to overload the liver and other organs. The natural powers of detoxification are impaired, immune powers are weakened, one or more challenges to health may develop, and the aging process can accelerate unchecked.

By supporting the immune-enhancing system known as our intestinal microflora, and by eating foods that help our ecological garden to flourish, such as clean, nutrient-dense, health-enhancing fruits and vegetables, and other nutrient-dense whole foods, we can create a coral reef-type ecological environment inside our gastrointestinal tract.

Using a biofermentic product like Seigen and controlling what we eat can significantly improve our elaborate ecosystem so that it will detoxify, cleanse and protect our health at a higher level that what is considered normal. We can provide a "Garden of Eden" like environment that efficiently supports better metabolism, digestion, absorption, distribution of nutrients and total immune system.

Seigen is an advanced biofermentic probiotic metabolite complex that is beyond a probiotic. Seigen conditions and prepares the intestinal environment in such a manner that the beneficial bacteria multiply and proliferate dramatically, maintaining strong and decisive predominance, which fosters maximal general health and enjoyment of a quality of life that would otherwise be impossible.

Through this process, the body can detoxify and cleanse itself, which supports energy, vitality and promotes overall wellness and longevity.

.A fun representation: The good "Seigen Fish" pursue the bad "Toxic Bacteria Fish!"