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Read about the history and development of Seigen.

Dr. Ilya Mechnikov (1845-1916), a Russian biologist who worked for the Pasteur laboratories in Paris, was the first to popularize the health-promoting beneficial effects of lactobacilli. He proposed the hypothesis that "lactobacilli contained in yogurt inhibit non beneficial bacteria, thus preventing the production of endo-toxins."

It was later discovered that most live, friendly bacteria in yogurt fail to survive exposure to stomach acid. However, Mechnikov's basic premise that lactobacilli inhibit non beneficial bacteria retained its credibility worldwide.

Otani Kozui (1876-1948) a Buddhist Abbot in Kyoto Japan, discovered ancient fermentation technology on one of his expeditions to central Asia and brought back with him the essence of the technology plus many species of friendly bacteria and various strains of yeast.

In 1939, Dr. Kazuyoshi Masagaki, an expert in fermentation technology, expanded on Kozui's findings. Masagaki selected 16 strains of microorganisms exhibiting properties which were especially beneficial to health. He established a "mixed culture method for microorganisms" producing a fermentation product exhibiting excellent pro-health activity. This confirmed Mechnikov's hypothesis that microorganisms such as lactobacilli are essential to good health.

Building upon the foundation laid by Mechnikov, Kozui and Masagaki, Japanese scientists have exclusively developed the new science known as biofermentics. This technology goes way beyond the limited application of probiotic lactobacilli. This special fermentation process, which delivers greatly needed microorganisms to the digestive tract, promotes a superior intestinal environment previously unattainable.

This technology is based on careful selection of a choice combinations of beneficial bacteria combined in a special symbiotic co-culturing method. The microorganisms substantially enhance each other, creating a supercharged collective potency, using proprietary quantitative blending procedures.

Thanks to the discoveries of Kozui, the efforts of Masagaki and the cooperation of numerous associates in the Japanese scientific world, Seigen's unique and elaborate manufacturing technology has been well established.

With the science and art of biofermentics, we can now significantly improve our elaborate microbial health promoting ecosystem so that it will detoxify, cleanse and protect our good health at a significantly higher level than what is considered normal.