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Biofermentics and Seigen

Synopsis: Effectiveness of Biofermentics (bios meaning life, fermentics meaning fermentation of food). Biofermentics is the fermentation of food with selected living bacteria and yeasts. It is the process by which Seigen is produced. Production involves an elaborate food fermentation process using soymilk as a medium. This process produces a product which benefits the human body by introducing metabolites to the digestive system, which significantly enhances digestion, immunity and general health.

Excellent Health-Stimulating Effects

Seigen has been used extensively for its excellent health-stimulating properties which include powerful detoxifying effects, improvement of digestion, strengthening of immunity and alleviation of adverse reactions. Its excellent health-enhancing properties have been reported in many case documents and testimonial records.

Unique Know-How for the Production of Seigen

Lactobacilli possess anaerobic features. Accordingly, co-culture of lactobacilli with several kinds of other lactobacilli and yeast involves technologically extreme difficulties due to the antagonism among these elements. Such know-how is a proprietary technology which other companies are unable to duplicate.

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Masagaki and the cooperation of many people over half a century, advanced and reliable manufacturing technology for Seigen has been established.

Technology is Based on Unique Know-How Including:

Combination of microorganisms
Culture conditions
Quantitative blending procedures of the four primary culture groups of microorganisms